We are looking to reach young families, and believe that someone who has a young family would best be able to reach their peers.
We are searching for a Family Life Minister to work with young families, including the parents, children, and youth.
A successful candidate will relate well with all age groups, not just those they will be working with.
You will need to get out and engage in life with those you are ministering to, rather than sit in an office and wait for them to come to you.
You should have a flexible schedule, and be able to allocate the proper amount of time with each group you are working with, depending on the need.
The Family Life Minister will focus primarily on families with younger children (elementary age), but will also work with older youth (Jr./Sr. High).

This will include:
Peer mentoring and training with parents (one-on-one, small groups, and outings)
Oversee children’s ministry (recruiting and training volunteers, developing curriculum, coordinating with preschool to reach out to preschool families)
Work with our youth program (R.O.C.K.), and plan outings for our youth (mission trips, Bible College tours, CIY events, camp, concerts, retreats, etc.)

• Build relationships with parents, and provide resources to assist them in their growth as parents.
• Equip and encourage parents to spiritually nurture their children (teach parents to teach their children).
• Help facilitate an environment for families to explore faith and discipleship together.
• Be a resource for children and their families who seek spiritual counsel (limited, short term – referrals).

• Recruit, train, and schedule volunteers who work with children and youth in all aspects of this ministry (develop a team of leaders to share in the ministry)
• Enhance our Jr. Church service, and develop additional programming for children
• Write, develop or acquire curriculum for teaching the entire bible narrative as well as theology and doctrine (scope and sequence)
• Serve students at church camp (at least 1 week per summer)
• Coordinate or recruit volunteers to direct summer Vacation Bible School
• Teach students how to personally study the bible and use it devotionally as well as engaging in worship throughout the week
• Help students articulate their own testimony
• Teach students to pray, to be prayed for, and to pray for their friends and family (make prayer a priority)
• Expose students to a biblical worldview and how it differs from other prevailing worldviews
• Instruct students to minister to their own families, including the value of coming to church together, studying, intentionally submitting to their parents, and serving their siblings
• Help students discover how God has wired them to serve with their natural and spiritual gifts.
• Actively involve students in serving each other and the church.
• Identify needs in our community that our students could engage and address
• Create events, trips or projects that can be opportunities to invite friends who are not part of the church to have a positive experience and develop relationships

• Assist with the R.O.C.K. youth ministry (primarily planning monthly outings or special events)
• Plan outings for our youth (mission trips, Bible College tours, CIY events, camp, concerts, retreats, etc.)
• Make yourself available to youth in a variety of ways (i.e. lunch at school, attendance at extracurricular activities, visitation, times of crisis, recreation, participation in Youth events, etc.)
• Maintain a solid social media presence in order to promote the youth program and the church.

• Maintain a community presence by attending school activities, local events, civic clubs, etc.
• Meet and pray with other area ministers on a monthly (or weekly) basis
• Communicate in a timely manner using all available resources (email, website, social media, bulletin, newsletter, etc.)
• Opportunities to preach, or officiate weddings and funerals, will be available, but not required.