‚ÄčIn April 1965 ground was purchased and January 9, 1966 ground breaking ceremonies were held.  Construction began July 31, 1966.  The Cornerstone was laid on December 18, 1966.  The first service in the new church auditorium was held on February 20, 1967 and the building was completed in April 1967.  In March 1972 approval was given for an addition to the church building adding the educational wing and kitchen.  That year 47 new members were added totaing a membership of 216.  In February 1974 ground breaking for the new addition was held.  In 1979 the parsonage was purchased.

On January 7, 1923 a group of people started a church in the Brightwood area of Indianapolis known as the Brightwood Church of Christ.  On February 29, 1924 they purchased land on North Denny Street and erected a church building.  A Dedication service was held on November 23. 1924 and on January 25, 1936 they purchased property at Station and 28th Street and renamed the church Brightwood Christian Church.  They remained at that location until the early 1970s when it was decided to sell and purchase property on East 30th Steet.  On May 6, 1973 the building was dedicated to the Lord's service and the church was renamed North Eastwood Christian Church.  In 1985 a new sanctuary was added to the building.  In 1990 Lawrence Christian Church merged with North Eastwood Christian Church.

In October 2013 the congregation voted to sell the building on 30th Street and January 24, 2016, the final service was held in the building.

‚ÄčEaster Sunday, March 27, 2016 Community Christian Church and North Eastwood Christian Church merged into one congregation using the name Community Christian Church.  They have formed a stong bond and continue to serve the Lord.

The first service of the Community Christian Church was held on September 5, 1964 at a home with 63 in attendance  They continued meeting in a home through February 1967.  September 20, 1964 it was voted to name the new church Community Christian Church.  On April 4, 1965 there were 72 Charter Members and on Octobaer 19, 1964 the constitution was accepted by 19 members present.